Transitions, Transformations & Trailblazers


“It was wonderful to connect with such a community of caring people that come from such a variety of backgrounds but all meet on the common grounds of improving communication and relationships between people and animals.”

Erin Burkett, Los Angeles

“I just had to be in touch again to say how much I enjoyed being at Flag is Up Farms… I’m still thinking about what an amazing experience I was fortunate enough to have. I’ve done Join-Up with both my young horses and yes it does give a deeper level of trust. Which is hard to believe because I do have it there already but now it’s more.”

Gael Simonson, Australia

“Thoroughly enjoyed! Understand why horses choose Monty and his ways as safe place. Everyone was pleasant & helpful. I wish everyone would be given the opportunity to experience this.”

Annette Carlson, Montana

“As soon as you arrive at the ranch, you can feel a sense of calm from the combined beauty of the setting and animals, which is enhanced by the openness, positivity, and compassion of the unique community that The Movement brings together.”

Rod Smith
Fallbrook, California

“The Movement helped all of us honor the horse and the inextricable bond we are lucky enough to share with this incredible being with whom we share the earth. It is only through knowing the horse that we know how lucky we are. With heartfelt thanks!”

Janet Rose, Equus International Film Festival, Montana

“Absolutely amazing! Enlightening, inspiring and truly amazing!!”

Kerry Amend, Lincoln Nebraska