“The world needs to know the value of horses where the human mind is concerned.” 

Monty Roberts

The Movement is an annual event that first launched in 2018.
We aim to create a one of a kind experience, uniting outstanding speakers and live demonstrations with horses to show the unprecedented difference horses can make across all aspects of life.

Hundreds of people around the world have joined us in the past two years at Flag is Up Farms for what many called a life changing experience. We are so excited to expand The Movement to three days in 2020!


To help humans and horses live a better life.

We believe non-violent forms of communication are essential to build trust and to learn, lead and live better. We aim to positively impact as many lives as possible through the unique power of horses.


When is The Movement 2021?

Friday/Saturday/Sunday, June 18-19-20, 2021.


Where does The Movement take place?

On Flag Is Up Farms, Monty & Pat Roberts’ ranch in Solvang, California, USA.


Do I need to be a horse expert to learn from the event?

No prior knowledge needed, this is a unique and memorable experience whether you have never met a horse or you have been around them all your life.


I can’t attend this year, do I have to miss out completely?

We will film all sessions and you will be able to buy a pass to watch The Movement online a few weeks after the event. In the meantime, you can find the videos from the past three years here.


More questions?

Call us anytime at +1 805-688-6288 or email us at
We’d love to hear from you!


Ready to join us?

“You wouldn’t see me as committed and joyful now if I thought it was going to end with me. The world is ready to say, ‘no more violence’.”