Superpowers, Science & Synergies

A transformational experience with humans & horses.

Featuring Monty Roberts & a keynote by Dr. Temple Grandin

& many more outstanding presenters

June 21 -23, 2020
Live Streaming From:
Flag Is Up Farms,
Solvang, California

Horses are the unsung heroes of many parts of our life.
They have unprecedented healing power and they help us learn, lead and live better.
Join us on a three days journey with outstanding humans & horses who change the world. (and maybe us too)!
The best seat on the arena is reserved for you at


June 21-22-23


We have made it possible to NOT miss seeing Monty Roberts and Temple Grandin LIVE this summer!
Watch, listen, learn and even ASK.
Engaging with these famous horse persons and amazing speakers has never been so easy!

Yes, The Movement 2020 is going LIVE streaming – like nothing you’ve seen before. This is an intimate ringside seat with a multi-camera view, up close, integrating video and graphics with moment-by-moment live learning.
With horses and our experts in the round pen speaking to you and allowing for questions from you and an audience of your peers from around the world.
There has never been an on-site event like it … don’t miss out on the first ever event of its kind!

How Do I Watch?

Ticket holders will be sent a private, secure link to log on. A moderator will take your questions for the presenters during their sessions. You only need a device with internet (including mobile, tablet, or desktop) to be LIVE at the best vantage point there is.

The LIVE streaming will also being filmed so all ticket holders will also have access On Demand after the event. This allows for different time zones and any interruptions – you’re guaranteed not to miss a thing.

The LIVE Streaming will be provided in partnership with HorseandCountry.TV. For subscribers of H&C TV, for a non-interactive experience, log on from June 21 and watch The Movement 2020 as you would all the great programming on H&C TV. Or subscribe now for only $99.99 for 12 months.

Two Events for The Price of One

Already purchased a ticket? Roll your $275 General Ticket over to next year’s The Movement 2021 (June 18-20), AND receive free access to this year’s June 21-22-23 LIVE streaming … PLUS next year’s The Movement 2021.

Roll your V.I.P. Tickets over to next year’s The Movement 2021, and receive access to this year’s LIVE streaming PLUS next year’s The Movement 2021 June 18-20 – with all the VIP extras.

The Movement 2020 Live Streaming Ticket Options

Don’t have a ticket? Tickets are now on sale at $175 for full access to this year’s three days of LIVE streaming with Temple Grandin, Monty Roberts and our other top experts in their field who will present, demonstrate and then conduct a live Q&A experience.

VIP Tickets: Exclusive Time with Monty

VIP tickets are now $375 and include access to this year’s three days of LIVE Streaming with Temple Grandin, Monty Roberts and our other expert speakers. And additionally includes a limited VIP experience:

A one-hour Q&A and chat with Monty and no more than 8 other VIP guests on a face-to-face live web conference call.

This is the perfect opportunity to have personal one-on-one time with Monty – all from the comfort of your home.

A Word from Our Presenters

“The Movement aims to help humans and horses live a better life through non-violent forms of communication – essential to build trust and to learn, lead and live together. At this unprecedented time in our lives, now more than ever, it’s important for us understand how horses can positively impact and transform us. Join us at The Movement 2020 where we will equip you to positively impact as many lives as possible through the unique power of horses.” ~ Monty Roberts


When a movie is made about someone’s life, especially when it’s about how they overcame an obstacle that appears insurmountable to many of us. We are inspired to learn more, and the lessons can apply to our own lives.” ~ Dr. Temple Grandin

What makes this movement strong is the number of people willing to believe there is a teachable path to a better way with each other.

Each of our Presenters are ready to equip you with their concepts of peaceful interaction with horses and people, to start you on a new path, or improve the one you are on.